28 days of me

Day 1

Feeling nervous, but pumped

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Anything interesting to share?

It was definitely intimidating walking into my first official CrossFit class. I’m finding everyone is generally really friendly but even so, I felt nervous being around all the ‘pros’. It felt a bit like being the new kid at school.

Training today was hard but manageable. It was very heavy on the arms. In total I did 40 (assisted) chin ups and about 90 (knee) push ups so I’m expecting t-rex arms tomorrow.

When I think about CrossFit I don’t normally think of ‘stress relief’, but I’m predicting this might be a bit of a theme over the next 28 days.

I’m super stressed, borderline burnt out at the moment (need-a-holiday). The past few months have been extremely busy for me in all aspects of my life and I definitely considered not doing this blog. But, I’m a big believer in how effective exercise can be for stress relief and I have definitely seen that over the past few weeks while doing the Crossfit *on-ramp course. So, as well as seeing how much it changes my physical fitness, it will be interesting for me to see what it does for my mental health and stress levels.

Yep, you can say the same thing about most exercise – getting your heart rate up, increasing oxygen to your brain, releasing endorphins all help you feel less stressed but there is something I’m finding about Crossfit that is a bit different – I can’t quite put my finger on it yet but I’m assuming it is a combination of the extreme work out and the supportive and encouraging environment. I left my first official Crossfit session today feeling exhausted, but also energised, more grounded and more focused than I was when I walked in.

WOD (workout of the day) results


5 chin-ups
10 push ups
15 squats

Result from 13 minutes: 7 rounds

Because I’m a beginner I was instructed to only do 13 minutes – usually it’s 20. I’m also doing push ups on my knees and using an elastic band to help support the chin ups. (without it I can’t even do 1 at the moment!)

How are you feeling?

Tired. From the workouts I have done in the on-ramp, I’m finding I feel really energised post work out for about 4-5 hours…and then crash. With the crash also comes EXTREME hunger. It will be difficult to not reach for whatever sugary / carby snack is around me. I had a headache about 4 hours after the training today but as soon as I ate (3 rice crackers with humus) it went away.

Here is a lovely picture my good friend Tyler made for me for inspiration for this experiment. What are friends for…


*(on-ramp is a course you need to complete before being allowed to participate in the actual CrossFit program. I did a condensed version of the usual on-ramp course – so I only did 2 weeks in total. This was so I could start and finish this experiment before the end of August.)