28 days of me

Day 12

Feeling back on top!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Anything interesting happen?

When my alarm went off at 7:15am today to get to my 8am class I was not happy. Not happy at all.

I am still not 100% better and feel like I could have slept until noon (if I didn’t have to work).

But, I made it to the class and really enjoyed the session. I think the biggest benefit I got out of it today was mood related. I was in a great mood all day and I know from previous experience that if I’m tired from a weekend away, busy at work and get completely saturated cycling to work, it is fairly likely that I am going to be at least a bit grumpy, but today I felt great! I’m assuming this is from two main things – 1. the physicality and 2. the social aspect – being around people and interacting usually makes you feel better when you are tired or feeling a bit down. (well, it does for me at least)

Today I partnered up with someone that was even newer to CrossFit than me. It was nice to no longer be the new kid (although he was lifting about 4 times what I was so it turns out he isn’t new to strength training) He encouraged me to lift more than I would have on my own, my shoulder felt OK and I ended up lifting 40kgs in a deadlift (10 reps), so I felt fairly happy with myself for that.

WOD results

10 RM DL (Deadlifts)
Result: 40kgs

Push ups
Sit ups
Result: 118

How are you feeling?

Feeling heaps better than I did yesterday. I think my body (and mind) responded well to the rest.

I lifted this today! Ok, it was a deadlift and so I didn’t have to do anything too fancy but still…progress from just using the 15kg bar!