28 days of me

Day 14

Greg Glassman

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Info update: Greg Glassman

CrossFit was founded in Santa Cruz by Greg Glassman in the mid 90s.

I think I understand why he isn’t actually the face of CrossFit – he is a not a very healthy looking 60 year old man – he walks with limp and has a nice healthy layer of padding around his middle. But, he is very likeable and he makes a lot of sense when talking about both fitness and business.

He started out as a gymnast and then became a trainer in California. In his early days as a trainer he already saw many faults in traditional gym training – he would train guys with massive chests and bulky legs, but they couldn’t jump up onto a box without tearing an ACL. He was also disheartened by the fact that traditional gyms are set up for people to pay and actually not go back, meaning if everyone with a gym membership went to the gym regularly, the gym couldn’t function. So eventually CrossFit was born – he created his own gym (or Box as it is called in CrossFit) where he could focus on functional movement training and fill the space with ropes, rings, tyres and pull up bars – equipment that he believes creates the fittest men and women on earth.

His goal is not to convince everybody in the world that CrossFit is ‘better’, but his philosophy revolves around ‘being better’ – by doing Crossfit your life will be better. It might sound like a big claim but I understand what he is saying – get your health and fitness in a better place and your energy, focus and mood (perhaps even your life) improves. He has an example that if you asked a CrossFit newbie to write down on a piece of paper what they want to do better in life – it doesn’t have to be fitness specific goals – just what they want to do better, then they re-visited this list in 6 months time they would have achieved the majority of their goals by just incorporating CrossFit into their lives. You can say this about embarking on any new fitness / sports regime but where I think it is different for CrossFit is that people tend to usually stick with it – it can be a bit addictive and therefore the chances are higher that it is still having a positive impact on their lives 6 / 12 / 24 months down the track.

It is almost 2 hours long but if you have the time I recommend watching this surprisingly inspiring talk by Greg Glassman:

WOD results

No WOD today.

How are you feeling?

Pretty good. Feels a bit odd to not have done CrossFit today when I had planned to, but I’m hoping the rest day will do me good.