28 days of me

Day 15

Hardest WOD to date

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Anything interesting happen?

I get to CrossFit this afternoon and see the following two things on the board to do as part of the WOD:

1. 2K run
2. Wall Ball

I’m rubbish at running – it is just not my thing and I avoid it if I can.

Wall Ball is currently my least favourite thing about CrossFit . I despise it and I have to do 50 today. Fifty!

For the first time I’m properly scared. Suck it up buttercup.

But, I (finally) got through it – it took me over 32 minutes (which I’m assuming was one of the slowest of the day). I  managed to complete the 50 chin ups, but I had to double up the elastic bands (which means extra support so they are a lot easier).

I think it took about an hour for my face to loose it’s beetroot red tint.

I did the afternoon session for a change today, I am mostly doing morning sessions simply because my energy is better in the mornings and I get a lot of benefit from the workout for the remainder of the day. The afternoon was fine but I think I will try to keep up the morning sessions as much as I can.

WOD results

2K run
100 mountain climbers
50 push ups
50 wall ball
50 chin ups
400m run with kettlebell

Result: Well, I was so shattered I forgot to check the time when I finished – whoops. But I know it was 32 minutes +

How are you feeling?

After the work out I’m feeling shattered – my legs and arms are jelly. Feeling relieved that I have a rest day tomorrow.