28 days of me

Day 16

My findings so far

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Anything interesting happen?

I am now over halfway through my CrossFit experience and I have been asked a few times about what my main findings are so far, so here goes:

— It is more focused on form and technique than I had expected, however I still haven’t seen a deep understanding core strength.

— It is more focused on injury prevention than I expected (it could be of course because I’m blogging but I’m pleasantly surprised at how much focus there is on only going to your max)

— It is fun – I love yoga and pilates but I am enjoying the change of pace

— the WODs look way easier on the board than when you are actually doing them!

— You feel a bit like you are letting the team down if you dont go. Ok, it isn’t a team sport but it still it has a way of making you feel motivated to turn up and to keep challenging yourself.

— The exercises are scalable but you still need a level of fitness to participate – my boyfriend was going to join me on this challenge but a niggly hip injury meant he had to pull out. I’m also not sure how an out of shape 50 year old (for example) would go if he or she started CrossFit

— I think my shoulders are looking stronger. Although, the few people I have asked about this said they don’t notice any difference ;-)

— It is really good for my stress levels and mental state. Any exercise is, but it is harder to get yourself there when you are stressed and busy, but CrossFit makes it pretty easy to fit it in your life – just turn up ready and the rest is done for you. They offer lots of classes during the day and after work and the workouts are short – sometimes we are done in 50 mins.

— I am still often confused about the terminology (RFT, AMRAP, FS) 

— I need more rest than I had expected. I used to be a professional ballet dancer and train 9+ hours a day, so I had thought 1 hour a day with some rest days should be manageable. I was wrong ;-) I am now trying 1 day on and one day off to see if that helps.

Of course these are my experiences, someone else going to a different CrossFit gym at another location in the world will possibly have a different experience.

WOD results

No WOD today

How are you feeling?

I am feeling less sore than I thought I would…but maybe that is coming tomorrow! The one day on, one day off is feeling like a good move.

I am looking forward to training tomorrow even though it is a Sunday! I often struggle to motivate myself to workout on Sundays – it always feels like it should be a rest day (from everything) for me!