28 days of me

Day 20

Paleo diet (ish)

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Diet update

I did say that I was going to follow a Paleo-ish diet. If you focus on the ‘ish’ part then that statement might be true ;-) I have listed below what I am mostly eating at the moment but as you will see, if is not completely Paleo.

My appetite has settled down a bit from the extreme hunger I was experiencing in the first week of CrossFit. I had teenage boy hunger – I was starving about 10 minutes after I had eaten.

I have been advised by a number of people now to eat more protein while I’m training. For me this means nuts, lentils, eggs, chicken, pork and sometimes steak. I love fish but I’m just not eating a lot of it right now. This article is a good reference to help you work out how much protein you should be eating.

My current diet looks something like this:


Green smoothie: fruit (banana, pineapple, kiwi fruit, orange etc), greens (spinach, cucumber, celery, mixed greens etc), coconut water (or water), herbs (coriander, mint, parsley etc), ginger and some superfood powders (currently maca powder and wheatgrass) I then add goji berries, seeds and nuts to the top. I have been having Green Smoothies most days for breaky since 28 Days of Raw)
— Hot water with either lemon or ginger

Day-20 28 Days of CrossFit

Morning snack

— Raw nuts / fruit / crackers


— ‘Hearty’ salad (meaning making sure it has lots of protein and quinoa for example) / soup

Afternoon snack

— Rice crackers with avocado / hummus / tomato / banana / peanut butter (not all together) ;-) / fruit / chocolate (depending on how stocked the “snack draw” is at work) / popcorn / dried fruit


— Sushi / Chicken and salad with quinoa / Eggs, beans, bacon and spinach / Big ‘hearty’ salad with lots of goodies / Roasted veggies


The occasional bad snacks – chips, biscuits, chocolate. I am not eating loads of these things but I’m definitely more than I have been recently.

WOD results

No WOD today

How are you feeling?

Pretty good. I’m feeling a bit sore from yesterday’s WOD but not as much as I expected.


Here is a good reference for anyone looking for new fitness blogs to follow