28 days of me

Day 22

Shoulder on ice

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Anything interesting happen?

I was actually a bit loopy all day yesterday after the super high intensity workout in the morning. It wasn’t a bad thing but just an odd feeling post workout.

My shoulder is unfortunately still a bit sore but luckily not as bad as I thought it might have been! Phew!

I was going to train tomorrow but have decided to do the outdoor session again on Sunday instead to give my shoulder one more day of rest time. I have been icing it again today and I think that is helping heaps. I’m a big believer in the benefits of ice on injuries in the first 48 hours. I see quite a few of my work mates or friends hurt themselves (for one reason or another) and not ice, and then struggle to get rid of the pain. But trust me when I say you must ice – it will make a dramatic different to your recovery time (the exception is lower back injuries).

My friend Dave jokingly asked me recently what my CrossFit safe word was, alluding to the fact that you getting so punished. He suggested pomegranate. Unfortunately this has stuck in my head so every time I’m nearing complete exhaustion I get a visual of me rolling over and yelling ‘Pomegranate, Pomegranate!’ And a room full of people staring perplexed at me. Thanks Dave – not helpful, at all.

WOD results

No WOD today

How are you feeling?

A little bit gutted that my shoulder is not so happy with me. My back muscles are sore (in a good way) and otherwise feeling good!