28 days of me

Day 23

Physical changes

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Anything interesting happen?

The main physical changes I have noticed so far are:

1. I generally feel fitter in everyday activities (Cycling, walking up stairs, carrying groceries)

2. My body shape has changed slightly – my outer quads are more developed and my shoulders are a tiny bit stronger looking. My pelvis is also tilted slightly more forward due to the quad development. My abs are more defined, although the type of ab work you do in CrossFit generally develops the rectus abdominis so the result is a slightly more protruding 6 pack rather than the flatter, slightly less defined version you get by focusing on the transversus abdominis and obliques (as you do in pilates training)

3. Apparently my skin is looking good – clearer, more radiant (Nice! ;- yay for me ;-)) A few people have mentioned this to me now and it makes sense. I have bad blood circulation so having the blood pumping more around my body – especially to the extremities, could give this result.

I am sleeping really well, but I do usually so no real change here.

I am monitoring resting heart rate, weight, measurements of various parts of my body, mood and muscle soreness. I will share these once the experiment is complete.

WOD results

No WOD today. Although I did do some at home stretching.

How are you feeling?

Good :-)