28 days of me

Day 24

Another super intense park session

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Anything interesting happen today?

Today was an outdoor training session. It was a shorter session than we have done previously in the park, but definitely just as intense.

Warm up was simple – a short run, some push ups, lunges, stretches.

The WOD was 25 push ups, 25 squats, 25 walking lunges and then run a hill run – 100 meters up and back down again. And then you do the same but this time with 20 reps, then 15…10…5:

Push ups:

28 Days of CrossFit Press Ups


28 Days of CrossFit Press Ups


28 Days of CrossFit Press Ups

Hill run (I may look like I’m happy but trust me, at this point I was in quite a bit of pain already):

28 Days of CrossFit Press Ups

Alexander looking mildly concerned ;-)

28 Days of CrossFit Press Ups

And then…I’m spent.

28 Days of CrossFit Press Ups

Video update


25, 20, 15, 10, 5 reps of:

Push ups
Walking lunges

Then run up a 100 meter hill, back down again and move on to the next set of reps.

How are you feeling?

My shoulder is feeling a lot better, and today’s workout wasn’t stressful on the upper body (We did pushups but the range of movement is small and I can do these quite controlled). I really, really struggle with the high intensity work outs – I just can’t get enough oxygen in and unfortunately for my fellow CrossFitters, sound like a dying beast.