28 days of me

Day 25

Interview: Alexander Kreuger

Monday, August 25th, 2014


Alexander Kreuger


CrossFit Level 1 instructor and owner / manager of CrossFit AKA

How did you get into CrossFit?

I was introduced to CrossFit when I was preparing  for a title fight in the USA (UMC Muay thai title fight). I trained with a friend of mine in Las Vegas.

What was your first impression of it?

I get a thrill from all kinds of sports where I can find my boundaries and improve them. After the first WOD I thought, ‘When can I go again?’

Why did you decide to become a coach?

I want to help people to get, and stay, healthy. There was missing something in the fitness world when it came to motivating people. A lot of people don’t like the globo gym, because nobody wants to be a bodybuilder. The CrossFit community helps you to be motivated and inspires you to make conscious decisions about training, nutrition and your life in general.

Can you tell me about the process for qualifying as a CrossFit instructor?

To become a level 1 CrossFit coach you need to pass an exam about the basics of CrossFit – you do this after you have completed a 2 days course. My opinion is that after the course you are not necessarily ready to give a full program of CrossFit. First you need to educate yourself with additional courses and it is also important to gain experience. Everybody can read a book and do a exam, but can you connect with people, inspire them and at the same time learn complex movements? These are the things that make a good CrossFit instructor.

What are your thoughts on the sometimes negative press CrossFit gets?

If something is good, you will always have haters. Usually it has a lot to do with them not having done their homework.

28 Days of Me CrossFit Day 25

What is the biggest thing CrossFit has taught you?

There is no limit to becoming better.

What trends have you seen in CrossFit?

CrossFit is becoming popular and a lot of people want a piece of it. Therefore a lot of people forget what is at the heart of it – being a better version of you and helping people.

Any advice for anyone thinking about give it a go?

Be critical about what Box you choose. Let the quality of the training and coaches go above, for example, the distance to the Box, you’ve only got one body so threat it with that in mind.

If you can read Dutch (or don’t mind the clumsy google translate version) you can read more about Alexander here.

28 Days of CrossFit Day 25

WOD results

No WOD today yo.

How are you feeling?

It feels weird to only have 3 CrossFit sessions to go before 28 Days of CrossFit is done. I am sore from the park session yesterday – mainly my glutes.