28 days of me

Day 27

Getting back on the bike

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Anything interesting happen?

It looks like I will finish my 28 Days of CrossFit with two injuries, neither of them from CrossFit!

This morning I had a bike accident – it was minor but I walked away with a bruised and swollen knee :-(  (and the other injury is my shoulder that still hasn’t healed fully from Acroyoga!)

I had trouble deciding whether or not to go to CrossFit after the accident. When something like this happens I feel very vulnerable and fragile and just want to go home, get into bed and stay in the fetal position all day.  But, I decided to go (with a bit of encouragement from my boyfriend) and was really glad I did. Getting back on the bike, and to the Box and getting through a workout, shook the layer of fear away and I left the session feeling back on top.

Because of the knee, I had to do a modified WOD – I used a light weight for the Power Cleans, and did Kettlebell swings instead of Wall Balls (lucky me ;-) )  This is one thing I’m really enjoying about CrossFit – you can scale things up or down depending on your fitness and current situation.

I’m still struggling with the lifting elements, the technique is much harder to master than I anticipated. Just like ballet (I used to be a professional ballet dancer) there is so much to think about during the movement and you really need to master the coordination in order to do it well. Starting position – making sure your hands are wide enough, your squat is low enough, knees are out and chest is lifted, straighten knees first, but not too much, start to bring the bar up with control, make sure your knees are out of the way, once you get to mid thigh use your hips and glutes to ‘explode’ the bar up – remember the shoulder shrug, now get under the bar, remember knees out in this position, chest lifted and hold!

….and now think of all that, in the right order, in less than 2 seconds!

But, I guess that it also part of the charm – the more challenging something is, the more rewarding it is when you master it.

WOD results

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

3 Power Cleans RX: 40/50 (I did 15KGs)
15 Wall Balls (I did Russian Kettle Bell Swings)

Result: 168 reps

How are you feeling?

I bit gutted about my knee. Tomorrow I am going to do Cindy again because this is the WOD I did on Day 1 of 28 Days of CrossFit so it will be a good benchmark to be able to see my progress.

But, I’m also pretty darn excited that tomorrow is Day 28! This challenge really has gone super fast and I’m looking forward to seeing (and posting) all the results from the data I have been collecting (weight, resting heart rate, muscle soreness etc)