28 days of me

Day 28

I'm officially fitter! (than I was 28 days ago)

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Video update:

So the big question is, will I continue with CrossFit now my 28 days are done? I honestly don’t know. I left the Box today feeling a bit weird to potentially be walking out of there for the last time. Why would I not go back to something that has definitely had a positive effect on my life, in more ways than one? I do know that I miss the stretching and controlled strength I get from Yoga and Pilates, so I am looking forward to getting back into these again soon. Perhaps the best situation for me would be to find a way to combine these elements with CrossFit.

I had an interesting conversation with a work mate today. He asked if I felt a difference in my everyday life, my joking response was ‘well, I can carry a create of beer up the stairs easily now.’ And he replied that then I have missed the point – women are supposed to use their charm to get the beer up the stairs, and men are meant to do the carrying. I realise it actually sounds like a sexist comment when written like that but he did have a point. I’m definitely not a girly girl but I did feel a bit more ‘dude’ during my 28 days. I was eating a lot more, apparently walking a bit more ‘dude-ish’, my physique has definitely changed – not dramatically but I have more muscles than I did 28 days ago and I was wearing less make up and heels simply because I didn’t feel like it. It isn’t a bad thing, but it is an interesting change for me – I don’t dislike the feeling but I’m looking forward to painting my nails, putting some lipstick on and ordering myself a glass of Prosecco.

WOD results


I did a 13 minutes version of Cindy to match the workout from Day 1.

5 chin ups (supported: green band)
10 push ups (knees)
15 squats

Result: 9 rounds and one rep in 13 minutes


How are you feeling?

Great! I really do feel pretty darn fit and generally pretty amazing right now. 28 Days of CrossFit was a lot of hard work but my body feels great for it.

I will be back soon with the before and after pictures and some fancy graphs showing the data I have collected from the experiment. But for now it’s time for me to have a glass of vino and say thanks for sharing my journey X.