28 days of me

Day 5

Still super sore (possibly dying.)

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Anything interesting happen?

I was rubbish in training this morning. My muscles felt exhausted and my energy was low. I’m assuming this is a combination of still being pretty shattered from my first 3 classes (even though yesterday was a rest day) and also from not having time to have a proper breakfast this morning (class was at 8am so I just grabbed a nectarine and some coconut water).

I spent about 45 minutes last night stretching and rolling out my muscles (with a foam roller and tennis balls) and I think this helped with my muscle soreness today. But I’m still insanely sore – in fact, I don’t think I can remember the last time my body was in so much pain from exercising.

Having said that, I am really enjoying learning the weight lifting elements – focus of today’s training was the Snatch Balance. There is a lot of focus on technique – I guess it is the same with a lot of things – you can be very strong but unless you master the technique, it isn’t going to work. We initially start by learning the movement with a wooden bar (like a broom, but without the brush bit) and then progress onto the 15kg weight lifting bar. Once you can master this you start adding weights. I only managed to add an extra 2.5kgs today.

I’m also enjoying being allowed to work at my own level, but still being pushed to go further if and when this is available to me. My stomach always flips when I get to the Box and see all the weight bars loaded with kilograms and kilograms of weights from the class before – how am I going to be able to lift that?? But of course I won’t have to lift that much weight until I’m ready. Or, maybe I will never be able to lift that much weight and that is also ok.

My energy and focus was great all day today (post workout). I didn’t get the 4-5 hour later dip that I have been experiencing during my on-ramp course.

WOD results

1 minute RKBS (Russian Kettlebell swings)
1 minute Ring push ups (I did dude pushups)
1 minute Squats while holding a weight over your head (I used 2 kgs)
1 minute Push Press
1 minute Rest

Result: 121 (reps completed) over 3 rounds

How are you feeling?

I’m generally feeling better than yesterday, but I’m still really really sore. I’m also feeling tired – I guess it is to be expected but when almost every movement you do during the day (lifting the kettle to fill it up, sitting down / getting up from my desk, turning my head!) is painful, it can be pretty taxing.


Here is a funny video about CrossFit and how it changed this guy’s life ;-) Worth a watch.