28 days of me

Day 6

OK, so what the hell is CrossFit?

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Anything interesting happen?

I have been banging on about CrossFit now for 6 days, but what actually is it?

CrossFit was developed by a guy named Greg Glassman in the mid 90s. It is a strength and conditioning program that focus on functional movements. It is designed to create the ‘fittest’ individuals, but not the best in any particular specialisation.

CrossFit incorporates elements from gymnastics, weight lifting, interval training and calisthenics. Training usually consists of a warm up, a technique section and a WOD (Workout of the Day)

From the CrossFit site:

“CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.”

I am still very new to the world of CrossFit but Steve Kamb from Nerd Fitness has put together a really great article: A Beginner’s Guide to CrossFit (highly recommended if you are thinking about getting into CrossFit).

WOD results

Front squat with weight
KBS (American kettlebell swings which means the kettlebell needs to go all the way over your head to be counted as one rep)
400m run

21 reps, then
15 reps, then
9 reps, then
Run (which always stays at 400m)

Result: 12 minutes 15 seconds (15kg bar for the FS, 8kg kettlebell)

How are you feeling?

Today I’m feeling tired, but less sore. I had a little bit more energy in training today than I did yesterday. For the first time at CrossFit AKA I had a female trainer. She had great energy and really knew her stuff.

Dare I say it, but training today was slightly easier. Not necessarily because I am getting stronger but because I could scale it down. I possibly could have pushed myself a bit more (in terms of adding more weights) but it felt like the smart thing to do to keep it on the lighter side today.

Just to be clear – this is what my weight bar currently looks like ;-) I’m exhausted, and I’m pushing myself as far as I can go (without doing damage) but my weights are still puny!