28 days of me

Day 7

Week one ✓

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Anything interesting happen?

I have survived my first week! Wahooo – yay for me!

I heard a CrossFit joke today;

Q: How do you know if someone is doing CrossFit?
A: They will tell you.


I’m also getting why CrossFitters would talk about it so much – it makes you feel good; you can quite easily measure progress, it helps with stress levels, I’m finding I’m sleeping better and have a really healthy appetite and on top of that the CrossFit community is super supportive.

So, I understand why Crossfitters could come across a bit preachy if they got talking about it.

There is a lot more focus on form and technique than I expected. In fact, I recently did 80 yoga classes (over 8 months) and I got corrected 2 times – yep – *only twice in 8 months! The Crossfit coaches are constantly correcting and actually teaching, which I didn’t expect. I am only 1 week into my 28 days but the two most surprising things so far are:

1. That there is more focus on form and technique than I anticipated
2. You are not expected to just push your body into a place it shouldn’t be

I had visions of being pressured to do military style workouts that either caused injury, made me cry or possibly even vomit (no joke) so I’m feeling pretty positive about what I’m experiencing right now.

WOD results


30 Clean and jerks reps for time
Men should be lifting 60kgs and women 45kgs

I did 15kgs (yep, still only using my puny weight bar) and got through the 30 reps in 6:46.

28 Days of Me Day 7WOD-Results-07.08.2014

How are you feeling?

My body is slowly getting used to the training. I’m still really sore but I’m not quite as exhausted as the first few days.


Here is some inspiration for you chicas:

*I’m a massive fan of yoga, but was shocked at how little teaching there actually was at the particular studio I was going to.