28 days of me

Day 8

Good away WOD resources

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Anything interesting happen?

Today is my second rest day – I’m feeling pretty pleased about that right now.

My upper traps and outer quads are sore from all the Clean and Jerks yesterday, but otherwise I’m feeling good. I feel like my body is slowly getting used to the workload – I have a long way to go but I am not as tired as I was earlier in the week and definitely less sore!

I’m heading off to the UK for a festival today. I will be away for two training days so I am taking my ‘Away WODs’ with me. I will post the results of these in the coming days.

Here are a bunch of good resources for any CrossFitters (or even non Crossfitters) who travel regularly and don’t want to have to miss out on a training day:

1. The Traveling WOD
2. CrossFit The Den
3. CrossFit KOP
4. Firebird Crossfit
5. Dai Manuel

WOD results

No WOD today

How are you feeling?

My body is feeling good – no injuries to report so far. I have been getting a mild headache most afternoons – I’m assuming this is from low glucose so I need to make sure I am eating more fruit / coconut water post workout next week.