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About Meditation

About 28 Days of Meditation

I am aware of how extremely beneficial mindful meditation could be for me, if I am able to do it for the full 28 days, and potentially beyond. But, this month is not going to be easy:

  1. I am addicted to stress – I actually find myself missing it when all of a sudden my life slows down
  2. I can’t sit still – I am a massive fidgeter and I think best when I’m moving
  3. I find meditation a bit scary, and very confronting. The thought of spending time alone with my thoughts makes me uneasy.
  4. Complete silence makes me feel anxious

I am definitely addicted to the adrenaline and ‘buzz’ I get from tight deadlines or challenging situations. As soon as the pressure is off and the adrenaline goes, I get bored. I live an hour / day / week / year ahead of myself – my mind is constantly planning, thinking and solving, or revisiting past situations and how they made me feel, and then judging that feeling. Or judging the judgement on that feeling! (That doesn’t sound crazy, right?) I would love to be able to be more present and focused and be truly aware of how I am actually feeling right now, in this moment.

In the small amount of research I have done prior to this experiment I have found that there are many different types of meditation, I ignorantly thought it was all the same thing (I’m sure I’m not the only one). The meditation I will focus on is ‘mindful’ meditation. From my understanding this is less spiritual than other types of meditation, and the focus is on calming the mind and being present.

“Paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, without judgement.”

— Jon Kabat-Zinn

I will use the Headspace app quite a lot over the 28 days simply because it is the one guided meditation I have found so far that I feel comfortable using. Here is a short description from the team at Headspace on mindful meditation:

“Headspace focuses on the practise on mindfulness. In short, at Headspace we define mindfulness as the intention to be present in the here and now, fully engaged in whatever is happening, free from distraction or judgement with a soft and open mind. Meditation is a simple exercise of familiarisation with the qualities of mindfulness. It helps optimise conditions for training the mind to be calmer, clearer and kinder.”

During this experiment I will be monitoring my brain waves with a Muse Headband. The headband monitors all five brainwave bands (Alpha, Delta, Theta, Beta and Gamma) and I will be sharing the results on a daily basis. Thanks to the kind people at Muse who have donated the headband for this experiment.

This blog is called 28 Days of ‘me’ but it is really about discovering and learning and sharing this information with you. I am hoping you feel inspired to join me on this meditation journey. All you need to do is some sort of meditation each day from 1 May – 28 May. More details on the facebook page!

About me

— I’m a fairly healthy person – I love sleep and try to get at least 8 hours a night, I eat fairly healthy and exercise regularly.

—  I work in digital advertising at an amazing design studio / workshop, but in a fairly stressful position.

— I am an Aussie (g’day mate) and live in Amsterdam with my boyfriend (and massive help on this blog) Dylan.

— I cant stand faffing, which is why this info is in bullet points ;-)

My expectations for 28 Days of Meditation

— I think I will find it pretty hard, and there will be days that I just can’t do it. I am kinda expecting some sort of mini mental breakdown – I think it will be very confronting.

— I think I will find the sitting still very difficult

— I am not expecting that this will become a daily habit, but I would love to prove myself wrong

— I do expect to be more present in my everyday life after the 28 days, but this will be hard to monitor / prove

About 28 Days of Me

28 Days of Me is a blog about experimenting with health and wellbeing 28 days at a time. I will try to keep everything in my life the same, but change one key thing – which might be diet, exercise routine or some sort of lifestyle change. My other 28 Days of Me experiments are 28 Days of Raw and 28 Days of CrossFit