28 days of me

Day 13

Meditation Class

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015
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Alpha 47%
Waves which occur when relaxed and calm
Beta 35%
Waves which occur when, for example, actively thinking or problem-solving
Gamma 19%
Waves which occur when involved in higher mental activity and consolidation of information

Today I arrived at work more calm and grounded than I have in a very long time.

I started my day with a 45 minute meditation class at Delight Yoga. The class was split up into two sections. The first part was mostly about teaching us how to focus – and he did this by placing a lit candle about an arm’s length in front of each of us and instructed us to focus on the flame. He also used this time to explain how to sit and generally what to expect during meditation.

The second part of the class was a 20 minute guided meditation.

Delight Yoga, 28 days of meditation amsterdam

It was so nice to meditate in a group environment – even though there isn’t any actual interaction it still feels like you are sharing your experience with the other people in the room and you are not alone in this sometimes scary and confronting endeavour.

The downside was my back really hurt during the class, and my legs kept falling asleep. I tried to not fidget too much but I kept needing do release my back and unfold my legs to get rid of the pins and needles. According to the teacher this will get easier the more I practice.

It also felt very weird for me to leave a yoga studio and be in more pain than when I arrived! (might need to do a bit of pre-meditation stretching next time)

Overall it was a great experience. I left feeling really calm, a little bit tired but very much looking forward to going back for another session soon.

It was such a beautiful morning today in Amsterdam, it made getting up an hour earlier so much easier to handle.

Meditation Activity

45 minute guided meditation class at Delight Yoga Amsterdam.
10 minute Headspace mediation at lunchtime at work. My beta and gamma waves were higher, which makes sense because it was in the middle of a busy work day.

 Today’s Brain Wave Activity

brain wave data 28 days of me

Blue = Alpha waves, 47% (Day 1 was 43%) — this is the one I’m trying to increase.
Yellow = Beta waves, 35% (Day 1 was 38%)
Pink = Gamma waves, 19% (Day 1 was 19%)