28 days of me

Day 19

Morning Or Evening Meditation?

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015
Show today's brain activity
Alpha 56%
Waves which occur when relaxed and calm
Beta 31%
Waves which occur when, for example, actively thinking or problem-solving
Gamma 12%
Waves which occur when involved in higher mental activity and consolidation of information

Today I wanted to see if there was a difference in my brain wave activity when I meditated before work, and then in the evening after yoga class.

I did exactly the same meditation both times. Results are below.

Morning Meditation Brainwave results

brainwave data, graph meditation

Blue = Alpha waves, 45% (Day 1 was 43%) — this is the one I’m trying to increase.
Yellow = Beta waves, 33% (Day 1 was 38%)
Pink = Gamma waves, 22% (Day 1 was 19%)

Evening Meditation Brainwave Results

28 days of me, brainwave data

Blue = Alpha waves, 67% (Day 1 was 43%) — this is the one I’m trying to increase.
Yellow = Beta waves, 30% (Day 1 was 38%)
Pink = Gamma waves, 2% (Day 1 was 19%)

In my evening meditation session, my Alpha waves were higher and my Gamma waves were quite a bit lower (which roughly translates to me being in a calmer state of mind). I definitely felt more grounded and focused after yoga than I did before work, so this isn’t surprising. I would like to be able to get my morning sessions as ‘calm’ as my evening sessions – right now I still find it very hard not to run through my to-do list for the day when I meditate before work.

According to this article, when to meditate could be dependent on what you hope to get out out it.

 Today’s Meditation

Mindful in May week 3 : Mindfulness of breath, sounds and thoughts

Photo Credit: Alisa Anton