28 days of me

Day 28

Most Significant Changes

Thursday, May 28th, 2015
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Alpha 64%
Waves which occur when relaxed and calm
Beta 32%
Waves which occur when, for example, actively thinking or problem-solving
Gamma 4%
Waves which occur when involved in higher mental activity and consolidation of information

Today is the last day of 28 Days of Meditation. Unlike my other challenges, (Raw food diet and CrossFit) 28 days feels like a very short period of time to get a true understanding of what meditation is and how ‘being more mindful’ can have an impact on my life. It feels like my current level of experience and knowledge is just the very tip of the iceberg and that my journey has just begun.

So What Are The Most Significant Changes?

1. I feel more grounded. By grounded I mean more in touch with how I actually feel and more confident that decisions I make are based on a deeper understanding of the situation. I am not sure if that is the actual meaning of grounded but that is my interpretation of it in this context!

2. I also feel lighter – odd thing to say when I have just said I feel more grounded. But I feel like there isn’t as much ‘mess’ is my head and that feels like I have taken some weight off my shoulders.

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3. I feel like sometimes, not always, but sometimes, I am more present. This is a really, really hard one for me but when I do manage to do it, it makes a bit difference to my conversation / day / meeting.

4. When I manage to have a ‘good’ meditation session I feel like I give myself a mini mental vacation. And this feels awesome. The best way to describe it is when you have come back from a really good holiday and you feel re-energised and really for anything. A few times this month I have managed to get this feeling from a meditation session.

5. I feel like my posture is a bit better! Makes sense right – I have been training my back muscles to get stronger while I am meditating sitting up with my legs crossed in front of me.

Here are some tips on how to make meditation a daily habit – that is the next challenge for me, seeing if I can keep up the daily meditation sessions without the blog to keep me accountable!

Soon I will also post my conclusions page that will include additional information on the graphs and data, plus my findings and overall experience from the challenge. But for now I will wish you a very grounded, and very ‘present’ day and I really hope you have enjoyed sharing this journey with me. X

Today’s Meditation

20 minutes Headspace before work. But the data didnt record properly so I also did a 15 minutes 1 Giant Mind session in the evening!

Today’s Brainwave Activity

28 days of me graph

Blue = Alpha waves, 64% (Day 1 was 47%) — this is the one I’m trying to increase.
Yellow = Beta waves, 32% (Day 1 was 34%)
Pink = Gamma waves, 4% (Day 1 was 19%)

Photo credit: Brooke Cagle