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About 28 Days of Raw

Welcome to 28 Days of Raw – a blog about the health benefits and possible side effects of eliminating cooked and processed food from my diet. It is the first in a series where I will trial different diets, exercise routines and lifestyles in order to understand more about health and the effect this has on my general wellbeing.

Over the next 28 days I will only eat raw food. I will share my daily updates that focus on weight fluctuation, mood and what I ate, as well as any interesting observations. I’ll share any recipes I make and link to any raw recipes online.

So why raw? I’m a fairly health person – I already eat a lot of fruit and veg and exercise regularly. But I’m also very social, love hot chips and occasionally do stupid things. I am very aware of what I put in my body and how it makes me feel – a spoonful of nutella tastes amazing (yep, I do that) but I almost instantly feel foul afterwards. Ive read quite a bit about a raw food diet and it makes sense – well, quite a bit of it makes sense to me so I’m curious. I’m definitely not convinced a diet without scrambled eggs and roast potatoes is a new lifestyle choice for me but I’m really excited to see how I feel over the next 28 days only eating raw food – and really excited to share this with you.

About me

I’m a 34 year old Australian living in Amsterdam. I genuinely like health food (I’ve lived above a maccas for over 12 months and have gone there less than half a dozen times) but even so, this diet is definitely going to be a massive challenge for me – the idea of not having a hot soup (its the middle of winter at the moment in Europe) or a glass of red wine for a month is beyond daunting! I’m also fairly active and will keep this up during the raw food trial month. I currently cycle to and from work each day (40 mins total), do 1 yoga or hot yoga classes per week, 1 cardio and try to also do 1 pilates / strength workout.

The aspect of this diet that I think I will struggle with the most is how it will effect my social life. I usually go out a few times each week and definitely on the weekend this includes alcohol so it will be interesting to see how that effects my moods and mental health. I’m also not looking forward to having to having to do so much food preparation everyday! I work in advertising so I’ll be juggling this trial with a 40+ hour working week.

My expectations for 28 Days of Raw

  • I think it will be harder than I think it is going to be
  • I’m expecting to have some difficulties getting through my usual weekly exercise schedule
  • I expect to need less sleep – right now I feel best when I have 9-10 hours a sleep a night (yep, love that shit)
  • I think I will generally feel better, this may be down to the fact I will eating less processed food and no alcohol
  • I expect to see a change in my migraines, however I’m not sure if they will be better or worse
  • I think my moods will go up and down – from what Ive read you can get an amazing natural high from this diet, but also some pretty substantial lows
  • I assume after the 28 days I will include more raw foods in my diet but not stay raw
  • I’m expecting the main thing to suffer will be my social life, but I will definitely try to keep as social as possible
  • I expect to be cold, all the time.

About 28 Days of Me

28 Days of Me is a blog about experimenting with health and wellbeing 28 days at a time. I will try to keep everything in my life the same, but change one key thing – which might be diet, exercise routine or some sort of lifestyle change. The first of this series is raw – but please feel free to make any suggestions for my next 28 day trial!