28 days of me

Day 10

Garlic Dragon

Monday, February 10th, 2014
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-.9 KG
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54.1 KG
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8 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

Today I was starving. I got into work early and by about 9:30am I felt like I needed lunch. I snacked heavily all day but I was hungry again almost instantly. Yesterday I wasn’t very active at all so I’m not sure why my body was screaming for nutrients today. Someone suggested adding some seeds to my morning smoothies so I am going to try that tomorrow.

I have been questioned about why I would pick the coldest month of the year to start a raw diet. Other than the fact that I can sometimes be a muppet and just do things the hard way, the main reason is February fitted in well with my personal life – my boyfriend is in NZ for the month so it felt like a good time for a personal challenge. I was definitely aware that it might be harder because of the cold but I properly felt this this afternoon when I was starving, but honestly didn’t think I could put another piece of fruit in my mouth. I love fruit but my favourites are all the summer fruits (pineapple, mango, peaches, strawberries) so I was as excited about eating my green apple as I would be about eating a plate of dog food. But I ate it, (the apple, not the dog food) and it filled me up. (for all of 20 minutes)

Having said that, mother nature has been very kind to me and we are having the mildest February we have had in years – I am very grateful for this. Watching it snow outside while grazing on a crispy green salad is a bit of an odd combo that I thankfully haven’t had to try out yet. If I don’t stay raw beyond these 28 days I will definitely be keen to try a raw diet again in the summer when I actually feel like salads and fresh fruit.

Today I did a 45 mins strength / pilates workout – it felt slightly easier than normal.

I unfortunately got a (fairly mild) migraine today. It felt like it was more from a stressful day than anything I had or hadn’t eaten.

What Did You Eat?

— Green smoothie: pear, orange, kale, cucumber, mint.

28daysofme raw Day 10

— Salad: rocket, tomato, avocado, hazelnuts, flaked raw almonds, olive oil and lemon.

28daysofme raw Day 10

— Raw Super Slaw with hemp seeds plus Onion bread (and a shit tone of garlic…)
— Chocolate caramel slice

28daysofme raw Day 10

— Rest of my green smoothie
— Dried figs
— Green apple
— 2 x mandarin
— Raw cracker (packaged)
— Nammi nammi (date balls)

How Are You Feeling?

Pretty good. The migraine wasn’t fun but energy levels have been great.

Recipes And Facts

My onion bread was (kind of) a success! It took longer than the recipe said to dehydrate but I actually think I might have had my oven even lower than 40 degrees. I ended up leaving it in the oven (oven was off) overnight and then turning the oven on again after work today for another 2 hours to dry it out enough. I also had to flip it over to dehydrate the bottom side – I did this by rolling it onto a rolling pin (like you do with pastry) and this worked well to ‘cook’ the bottom side. Recipe link on yesterday’s post, fairly average pic below:

28daysofme raw Day 10

Raw Super Slaw – holy bejesus that recipe has a lot of garlic in it – my mouth is actually still burning*. I could have easily had 1 or 2 cloves of garlic rather than 4. I added a meljool date as I felt like it needed a bit of sweet, and also added crushed whole hemp seeds to the slaw.

I came across this today. A lot of people ask me about the benefits of eating raw – this I think gives a nice little explanation.

*I apologise in advance to my work mates for my fire breathing garlic breath tomorrow…X