28 days of me

Day 11

Feeling Grumpy :-(

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014
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6 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

I woke up at 6am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Made me feel grumpy.

I made a green smoothie that tasted good – added coconut and for some reason made it taste like vomit. Yep, for real. Had a few mouthfuls, threw the rest out. More grumpy.

Carried my 19 bags (ok, slight exaggeration) down the stairs to my bike – raw food supply for the day, gym clothes, wet weather gear to cycle in (you look like a dork but its just how you roll in Amsterdam) – everything falls down the stairs and I’m nearly in tears.

Grumpiness levels continued to rise until about noon when I take a deep breath and laugh at myself for being a dick.

There was nothing to actually be grumpy about. But I was very aware that I was feeling pretty agitated for most of the day. It is probably the worst I have felt in terms of moodiness this whole month. I’m definitely not saying raw has made me grumpy but I am blogging about this because it was such an intense feeling for me today.

I wasn’t really hungry all day either.

After work I ducked to the gym quickly – I needed to properly rid myself of the grumps and I find cardio is good for this – it did help.

Dinner was the highlight of my day. My friend Tyler cooked raw lasagne and it was AMAZING. I might go as far as saying this is the best raw meal I have had so far. Recipe below.

Tomorrow is another day – day 12 of raw – I have high hopes for less grump and more sparkle.

What did you eat?

— (a few sips of) Green smoothie: pear, orange, kale, coconut (I don’t know how but adding the coconut made it taste foul) :-(
— Hot water with lemon

— Left over super slaw (recipe on Day 10 post) There was so much crunching that my jaw actually got sore!

28daysofme raw day 11

— Raw lasagne (amazeballs)
— Chocolate mouse
— Dates and dried fruit and nuts (quite a bit in fact, gym hunger kicked in)

28daysofme raw Day 11

— Honeydew melon
— 2 dried figs

How are you feeling?

Baaaaaaaah. I realise everyone might not know what this means. Try it – baaaaaaaaaah. Make sense? If not let’s go with – ‘I’m feeling a bit average today.’

Recipe and facts

The raw lasagne was fab. Tyler followed this raw lasagne recipe but used this recipe for the marinated mushrooms.

We also had a raw version of this chocolate mouse for dessert. I’m finding I’m eating way more desserts than I normally do on this diet (but they are super yum!)

I’m trying to make sure I follow recipes from different raw food blog but Emily from This Rawsome Vegan Life nails it every time – its hard to not prepare her meals!