28 days of me

Day 12

Interview: Loving It Raw

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014
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Anything Interesting Happen?

Enough from me. Let’s hear from someone that has been doing this whole raw business for longer than 12 days. Meet Alison Andrews from Loving it Raw.

What percentage raw are you?
I don’t look at it in terms of percentages, I feel it’s kind of impossible to say with any accuracy anyway so why worry about it? I eat a lot of food raw, and some food is simply cooked.

How long have you been raw?
I started in 2005. From there I experimented with a lot of approaches including being ‘100% raw’ for long periods of time, but I prefer where I am now.

In your opinion what do you think are the main benefits of eating raw?
Increased energy is a big one for me. So is perfect digestion, slower aging and very seldom getting sick.

Why did you initially go raw?
I initially went raw because I read an excellent book by Mary Ann Shearer called ‘The Natural Way’. I was struggling with a few health issues at the time so this was a big eye opener for me as I realized the impact that diet had on health. This was when the big shift took place for me and I dived straight into a high raw diet, achieving really great results from the outset that spurred me on to keep learning more.

Would you recommend raw as a lifestyle or as a detox for a restricted period of time?
You can use it as a detox and it works really well of course, but the best thing is always to have shifts in your thinking that enable a long term lifestyle change. If you start incorporating lots of raw foods into your lifestyle, you are going to experience some very positive health shifts.

Do you have a favourite raw food or recipe you want to share?
I like to keep it simple. A fabulous chocolate smoothie is 300g/10.5oz frozen banana (previously peeled, quartered and frozen in a freezer bag or freezer container), 1 cup fresh coconut water, 1 tablespoon nut butter and 1 tablespoon cacao. Blend. It’s fabulous.

Any advice for anyone going raw for the first time?
Have fun with it. Try new recipes and enjoy yourself. Don’t think in terms of ‘all or nothing’. In fact for most people, transitioning more slowly by adding in more raw foods and trying out some raw recipes will be the best way to get started rather than trying to do ‘100%’. Eat a lot of fruit. Much more than you can imagine you would ever need. Educate yourself and supplement as needed.

Alison has a really lovely story about how raw food has changed her life. More information about Alison and her recipes here: loving-it-raw.com
Thanks for the interview!

What Did You Eat?

— Green smoothie: frozen banana, apple, kale, cucumber, linseeds
— Hot water with lemon

28daysofme raw Day 12

— Thai coconut curry

28daysofme raw day12

— Super salad – I just felt like throwing lots of good things into a bowl and adding a nice dressing – was delish (recipe below)
— Cacao, almond milk and date smoothie
— Nammi nammi

— Carrot + raw cashew paste (store bought)
— Pear
— Handful of walnuts
— 2 pieces of onion bread (homemade)

How Are You Feeling?

A little flat today, but better than yesterday so that is good. I just feel like I could do with a hug (anyone?). I also had a migraine this afternoon and needed to take my migraine medication – which also makes me feel a bit flat / dull.

Recipe And Facts

Super salad – kale, red pepper, tomato, spring onion, zucchini, chia seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds, raw pistachio,  hemp seeds, honeydew melon. Dressing: lemon, olive oil, walnut oil, salt, pepper and a little bit of agave.

28daysofme raw day12


I’m quite excited about superfoods. I realise ‘superfood’s is really just a marketing term, but I love the idea of getting extra nutrients and possible health benefits from something that is completely natural, and that humans have been eating for a centuries.

My current favourite super foods are:

— raw cacao powder
— coconuts
— chia seeds

I’m keen to learn more about super foods – especially some of the green super foods like spirulina. I’m also keen to hear what your favorite super foods are – have you tried any recently you recommend? Please let me know!