28 days of me

Day 13


Thursday, February 13th, 2014
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calories consumed
total weight lost / gained
-.8 KG
current weight
54.2 KG
hours slept
7.5 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

ALMOST HALFWAY! :-) Feeling happy to have (almost) reached the half way point!

I thought it would be a good time to jot down a few observations so far:

— My skin (face) looks healthy and the dark circles under my eyes have diminished a bit
— I’m generally feeling really positive and my energy levels are good all day
— I’m sleeping well, and I’m also coping well on less sleep than I normally get
— I haven’t seen any change in my nails or hair – but it has only been 13 days
— It took my tummy almost a week to get used to the new foods – but, I haven’t had the nauseous feeling in 7 days (wahooo!)
— The diet could very easily be quite anti-social but I’m very lucky to have good mates that are supporting me on this journey so I haven’t really felt the full impact of this
— I haven’t had as many migraines as usual
— I feel like I am eating too much sugar and high GI foods. I’m trying to find snacks that fill me up but aren’t so energy heavy. In a way I feel like I’ve replaced meat protein and complex carbs with (natural) sugars – fruit and dried fruit. And I’m not convinced that is a good exchange…
— I’m waking up really thirsty (might be from all the sugars)
— I don’t have as much endurance for exercise – I’m finding it hard to push myself to get the extra bit of workout in
— I’m not really craving anything. The smell of toast makes me a bit weak at the knees, and I would love a cup of tea but other than that I’m not actually in need of anything

What Did You Eat?

— Green smoothie: green apple, orange, frozen blueberries, kale and cucumber
— hot water with lemon

28daysofme raw Day 13

— Coleslaw with avocado and pine nuts

28daysofme raw Day 13

— Broccoli raisin salad – DELISH! (recipe below)

28daysofme raw day 13


— The rest of my green smoothie
— Handful of dried fruit and nuts
— Nammi nammi ball
— Strawberries

How Are You Feeling?

Pretty good :-) Feeling positive again, which is a relief.

Recipes And Facts

The broccoli and raisin salad from Rawmazing is definitely worth a go!

Raw food beauty

So there is not only great raw food recipes out there, there are also great raw food beauty recipes ;-) Check out this link from Rawmazing for more info on how to play with your food (and hopefully look 10 years younger in the process ;-) )