28 days of me

Day 14

Pizza And Wine

Friday, February 14th, 2014
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calories consumed
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-.6 KG
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54.4 KG
hours slept
8 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

I feel good :-) For the first time today I had a very minor 4pm dip – I was sleepy and craving something salty. It didn’t last long but it did remind me of how tired I can (used to) get in the afternoons. It has been a really big week so I’m not surprised that I was feeling it a bit today.

Today is Friday. I found some organic wine so tonight is the raw version of wine and pizza night. The taste of the wine is quite intense – in a good way – I can really taste the flavour like I don’t think I have been able to before.

I also got tipsy very quickly, off one glass of wine. Weeejoooo. And then really tired almost instantly – I felt like I had turned the clock back 8 years and I was a ballet dancer again. (which was my past career and my tolerance for alcohol was practically zero)

Today is halfway through the 28 days – it feels good to have got to this point and I’m feeling confident I can keep it up for another 14 days! :-)

What Did You Eat?

— Green smoothie: mango, kiwi fruit, green apple, cucumber, kale and lime

— Broccoli and raisin salad (again). It wasn’t even left overs, I actually made another batch last night to take for lunch today because I liked it so much ;-)

28daysofme raw day14

— Raw pizza with spinach pesto & marinated vegetables
— Salad: spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms with a cashew garlic dressing
— Kris’s chocolate dessert (recipe below)

28daysofme raw Day 14

— Rest of my green smoothie
— Carrot sticks with cashew butter + salt (I was craving salt in the afternoon so this was a good quick fix)
— Handful of dried fruit and nuts
— Strawberries

How Are You Feeling?

Positive, happy, good energy, calm mind.

Recipes And Facts

This pizza recipe is amazing – highly recommendable. I don’t have a dehydrator so I ‘cooked’ the pizza base in the oven at 40 degrees – 2 hours last night and the final 2 hours tonight. It turned out surprisingly crispy!

Quick chocolate dessert

My flatmate Kris has made this a couple of times for me now and it is such a great simple, delicious chocolate dessert / pick me up. Blend coconut oil, mejool dates, cacao and water together.  You can eat it straight away or refrigerate. Great with some fruit like strawberries or raspberries.