28 days of me

Day 17


Monday, February 17th, 2014
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calories consumed
total weight lost / gained
-.4 KG
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54.6 KG
hours slept
7.5 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

Today I was a little tied and a lot hungry. Lunch was zucchini pasta with pesto – I’ve found this is one of the most filling (satisfying) raw meals and I really needed something that was filling today.

I tried not to eat as many sweet snacks but I was SO hungry all day and actually ate loads. Fail! Bumping up my morning smoothies with banana and wheatgrass hasn’t seemed to help much with my hunger (yet)

Over the weekend I made raw cheese! I loved it. Ok, it doesn’t taste all that much like cheese but it was a nice taste and texture and adds a bit of variety to the diet. I made almond cheese but apparently you can make cheese out of almost any nut. (pic below)

My skin was also a bit irritated when I woke up today – I’m assuming from all the sugar in my diet at the moment. Either that or it is from my experiment with ‘raw beauty’ on the weekend – I made an avocado and lemon face mask. It stung my face for about 10 minutes and then I washed it off. Not much more to report on it other than that. Not sure I would try it again.

What did you eat?

— Green smoothie: banana, pear, kiwi, kale, ginger, wheatgrass.
— hot water with lemon

— Zucchini pasta with pesto 28daysofme raw Day 17 Dinner:
— Beetroot and carrot salad with raw cheese – YUM. (recipe link below)
— Almond milk, cinnamon and fresh coconut smoothie 28daysofme raw Day 17   Snacks: (a lot!!)
— Rest of my green smoothie
— Walnuts and brazil nuts
— Handful of dried fruit and nuts
— Green apple
— Dried figs
— Onion bread
— Piece of raw chocolate
— Spoonful of cashew nut butter (yep we were at that point…spoon in the jar)

How Are You Feeling?

Pretty good! Other than being starving all day I feel good.

Recipes And Facts

Raw cheese – what fun! Ok, it doesn’t ‘really’ taste like cheese but it has a nice texture and it feels like it adds some variety to the diet. I liked this recipe but I would add a bit more salt and I’m also keen to try adding some nutritional yeast to try and achieve more of a cheese flavour. 28daysofme raw Day 17

Carrot and beet salad. Marinating the carrot and beetroot really made a difference to the flavour. I added walnuts and raw almond cheese. Definitely keen to they this one again. (see recipe from 9 February)