28 days of me

Day 18

Stressy...But No Migraine

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014
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-.6 KG
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54.4 KG
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8 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

Today was a really stressful day but luckily I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I was yesterday – that was next level hunger…I just couldn’t seem to stop it no matter what I ate! I have generally had great concentration and focus for most of the month but when I’m hungry it is pretty hard to focus on anything else!

I had a slightly different ‘strategy’ for today as well – I usually get really hungry about 4pm and that is when I snack on lots of dried fruit and nuts. (high sugar and fats) I make lots of my green smoothie in the mornings and usually sip on it from when I get to work to just before lunch but today I left it until I had the extreme 4pm hungers and it worked! It got me through the rest of the afternoon and I also had enough energy for a 45 min strength / pilates session after work. (wow, I’m posting about what time I drank my smoothie – is this my most boring post yet?) ;-)

I already know the rest of this week is going to be a bit mental for me so I’ll be interested to see how I cope over the next few days. I (very surprisingly) didn’t get a migraine today (touch wood). Normally when my day is as intense as it was today I would start to feel a migraine coming on by early afternoon but it looks like I somehow managed to remain migraine-free today – wahoooo.

What Did You Eat?

— Green (more like purple today) smoothie: banana, frozen blueberries, apple, cucumber, spinach, mint, wheatgrass
— hot water with lemon

28daysofme raw Day 18

— Zucchini pesto pasta with sun-dried tomato and sunflower pate

28daysofme raw Day 18

— Salad with tomato-basil sunflower seed pate and almond cheese (pate recipe below)

28daysofme raw day 18

— Handful of brazil nuts and walnuts
— Rest of my green smoothie
— Licked spoon + bowl of raw chocolate I was making for dinner party tomorrow night (doesn’t count as calories right? ;-) )

How Are You Feeling?

Pretty great :-)

Recipes and facts

Last night I made this Tomato-Basil sunflower seed pate. It’s great! Next time I would blend the sun-dried tomatoes with the rest of the ingredients before adding the seeds – the mixture was too thick (even for my insanely good blender) so a lot of the basil and tomatoes weren’t completely blended (not such a bad thing to have lumpy bits though of course) I would also soak the seeds for less time – the recipe said soak for 4-8 hours, I forgot about mine and left them soaking for 24 hours and they started to sprout :-S

28daysofme raw Day 18