28 days of me

Day 19

Feeling AMAZING.

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014
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-.9 KG
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54.1 KG
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7.5 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

I feel amazing.  A little bit euphoric amazing. My friend asked me tonight if it could be psychosomatic. It definitely could be. But I do know I have been feeling pretty good for the majority of this month and it would be nice to think that it has at least something to do with raw.

Tonight I had dinner at my friend Jamie’s house. Raw food just took on a whole new level of awesome for me. Jamie is a bit of a health guru and is studying nutrition so I knew she would create something great, but this was next level raweome (yep, I just wrote that). I think for the first time this month I 100% didn’t feel like I was eating raw – I just felt like I was eating a delicious meal. It is also such a treat talking with someone with so much food and nutrition knowledge – there is a whole world of information out there that I’m just starting to get a grasp of. This is especially exciting and motivating for me because I thought I previously knew quite a bit about food and health but really I’ve got so much more to learn, which is a truly great thing.

Other significant things that happened today in no particular order:
— I finally had something different than a green smoothie for breakfast – cool me down!
— I realised on this diet I can probably only eat about 10-15% of what is stocked in my local supermarket and this doesn’t worry me at all
— I felt a migraine coming on, I went for a walk in the fresh air and it disappeared. :-)
— My boss joined me on raw today, he lasted until 4:45pm, had a sandwich haha ;-)
— I sniffed a bag of corn chips, that’s not weird at all right?
— My good friend Dave has decided meat smoothies will be the next big thing in 2014. I have promised to drink one once he has perfected his recipe.

What Did You Eat?

— Store bought muesli with almond milk. I added chia seeds, banana, linseeds, walnuts.


— Salad: mixed greens, tomato, avocado, lemon, olive oil + tomato-basil sunflower seed pate (I made LOADS of pate….it is likely this will feature in all my meals for the next few days ;-) )


— Thai veggie noodles
— Five pepper vegetable chilli
— Cauliflower couscous (it was amazing – no rant needed tonight)
— Raw chocolate

28daysofme raw Day 19

— Green smoothie: mixed greens, apple, kiwi, ginger, wheatgrass and chic seeds
— Walnuts, macadamias and brazil nuts
— Carrot sticks with tomato-basil sunflower seed pate (see, there it is again)

How Are You Feeling?


Recipes And Facts

Raw chocolate is really simple – you just need dates, coconut oil and cacao. Emily’s raw chocolate recipe from This Rawsome Vegan life is really great. See here if you need to know how to make date paste. I made plain, pistachio, fruit and nuts, macadamia, sea salt and chilli. YUM!

The recipes from dinner were from Raw and Simple by Judita Wignall. (unfortunately the recipes aren’t online, you need to buy the book)

And here is a link to my friend Jamie’s blog. Lots of great vegan recipes and health advice!

28daysofme raw Day 19