28 days of me

Day 23

Let's Talk About...

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
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54.7 KG
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6 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

Let’s talk about booze.

On Day 7 I discovered that yes indeed wine is raw – I was so excited, not necessarily because I wanted to get trollied but because I felt that it opened things up for me socially. But since that night (the WINE IS RAW!! night) I have had about 2, maybe 3, glasses. I don’t really feel like drinking and I’m curious why that is. My thoughts are:

1. Updating the blog each day is keeping me pretty busy so I just don’t have time
2. I love drinking wine at dinner – especially the combo of red wine with a heavy meal. I love the complimenting flavours but I also like that full / tipsy feeling you get from combining them. You don’t ever really have heavy meals on a raw food diet so the wine is possibly less appealing.
3. I can’t grab a coffee / coke if I start to get tired late at night (and I have been SUPER tired in the evenings)
4. I’m feeling so good raw that it doesn’t feel like it would be worth it

It is probably a combination of all four things but the last one is really interesting to me. I have had this before with different phases in my life (E.g – doing a lot of yoga, or getting in shape for something specific) but it is interesting to me how unappealing alcohol is to me right now.

Let’s talk about tummy bloating.

I’ve suffered from the tummy bloat since I was a kid. I would race home from school, eat two weetbix (wheat based cereal) and then race off to ballet class. I would stand there, in my leotard, skinny arms and legs, big smile on my face and my big beach ball sized bloated belly. I remember it hurting but I just thought that was normal and most people’s tummies hurt after they ate. I’ve never been tested for wheat (or any other) intolerance but I just realised at one point in my life that I feel better if I eat less bread and wheat. Not none at all, because I really love a good spag bol or eggs on toast, but just less.

The reason I’m mentioning this is I realised yesterday that I have had pretty much zero tummy bloat for the past 3 weeks. The first time was yesterday afternoon when I made myself a super sweet / heavy smoothie (dates, banana, cacao, almond milk) and I could feel almost instantly it was just too much sugar for my body to handle and almost instantly my tummy bloated. But other than this one (indulgent) moment I have managed to avoid the beach ball belly while on raw.

Let’s talk about sleep (or lack of)

Over the past three weeks I have had a lot less sleep than normal. I’m finding I haven’t been able to nap much (I am usually a great napper!) or sleep in. As soon as it starts getting light my brain is awake and I find I can’t get back to sleep even though I feel really tired. Once I’m up I’m usually fine but for the past few days I’ve started to feel really exhausted early in the evenings. It isn’t even 8pm right now and I feel like I could easily fall asleep on my laptop. I’m hoping it is just from a really busy week and I can do some catching up tonight.

…Oh, and last night I made it until 2:30am. Even the 15 minute cycle through the cold Amsterdam night didn’t really wake me up. When I got home I had mung beans with lemon, olive oil and salt and it was surprisingly satisfying! ;-)

What Did You Eat?

2:30am snack:
— Mung beans with lemon, olive oil and salt.

— Green smoothie: green apple, kale, cucumber, orange, ginger, chia seeds, linseeds.
— Handful of brazil nuts
— Hot water with lemon

28daysofme raw day 23

Lunch 1:
— Super salad: left over salad from last night plus loads of other goodie bits

28daysofme raw day 23

Lunch 2:
— Guacamole with carrot and celery sticks
— Date balls (I can’t take credit for these – they were made by my friend Tessa)

28daysofme raw day 23

— Raw muesli (I love having cereal for dinner. I think its a girl thing, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a dude say that)

— Handful dried fruit and nuts

How Are You Feeling?

TIRED (but great)

Recipes And Facts

Activated nuts. A few people have suggested I give these a try so I currently have a batch of nuts soaking. (activating) The idea is if you soak them it is easier for your body to absorb the nutrients. Here is some info on how to activate nuts. 

And here is some more info on soaking and sprouting in general (Thanks Amber for this info)