28 days of me

Day 28

And Just Like That, It's Done.

Friday, February 28th, 2014
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-1.3 KG
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53.7 KG
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9 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

If you had asked me four weeks ago what I would be feeling right now, with just a couple of hours left of my raw food diet, I probably would have said ecstatic, excited, even relieved, maybe. I probably also would have told you how much I was looking forward to eating all the treats I haven’t been able to have for the past 28 days.

But, here I am, two hours away from eating whatever I want and I don’t feel excited or relived. I feel proud for achieving what I set out to do and I’m looking forward to getting some of my free time back ;-) but in terms of being able to eat non-raw food, it doesn’t really seem to faze me.

Maybe it will be a slow burn and in a few days time I will be gleefully chomping on burgers and cheese on toast, but right now I don’t feel excited or even motivated to transition off raw. Not a result I was expecting at all.

We really are such creatures of habit and it felt like once I established my routine – meal planning and market shopping on Saturdays, raw baking and food prep for the week on Sundays, green smoothies every morning, raw lunch either brought by me or cooked by our chef at work, raw snacks in the afternoon and dinner either super salads, raw dishes – then I was sorted. I imagine I will feel a bit lost tomorrow when I break this routine for the first time in weeks.

Today I went back to the doctor to get my blood tests done again. I had them done at the start of the month so I can see if there has been any change. I was talking to the nurse about my diet and it completely freaked her out. She was almost repulsed, which I thought was funny…but also a bit scary as she works in the health industry…

My blood pressure is lower than a month ago. I was a little surprised about this as I haven’t been doing quite as much exercise this month (for a few reason – 1. I don’t seem to have the endurance and 2. I have been busy with creating content for the blog) But I guess it makes sense as my diet has been so low in saturated fats and processed foods.

In a few days time I’m going to create a conclusions page about my experience – how it differed from my expectations, what I would do differently next time, any advice I have for raw newbies. I will include the blood test results here as well.

But for now it’s time for me to make a cup of tea, get ready for bed and say thanks for joining me on my journey X

What did you eat?

— Green smoothie: pear, frozen raspberries, orange, kale, ginger, mint, wheatgrass, chia seeds (pic looks a bit foul…or maybe it just looks raw)
— Hot water with lemon

28 Days of Me Raw Day 28

— Super salad with pistachio dip (recipe below)

28 Days of Me Day 28

Was a bit odd. Carrots dipped in left over pistachio pate, mixed raw nuts, left over chilli, a spoonful of guacamole and the rest of my raw cacao dessert treat from last night. (wasn’t worthy of a pic)

— Rest of my green smoothie
— Second helping of my lunch salad

How Are You Feeling?

Great :-) Happy to have made it. I really wasn’t sure if I could stay completely raw for the full 28 days, so I’m feeling proud of myself for doing it. :-)

Recipes And Facts

Lunch salad: kale, cos lettuce, tomato, mushroom, red pepper, alfalfa, raisins, activated almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds, linseeds, chia seeds.

Pistachio dip: Pistachio pate plus avocado, coriander and chilli.