28 days of me

Day 3


Monday, February 3rd, 2014
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-.1 KG
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54.6 KG
hours slept
7.5 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

I’m high. Happy and high. I’ve been warned about this – the amazing natural highs (and lows). It feels ridiculously good, but also weird. It’s like being the drunk person at the party when everyone else is on lemonade. Weeeeejoooo.

First raw work day.  I got in early but I found it a bit hard to focus in the morning because I was pissed. Ok, I wasn’t pissed – it was because of my natural high.

I sipped on a green smoothy during the morning.

For lunch our amazing chef at work (yep that’s right – we have a chef!) made raw Courgette Fettuccine. Music to my hears. Maybe not so appealing to some of the guys. “Why are we being punished?” Most people said they liked it, but I did see quite a few people heading back into the kitchen for cheese sandwiches about 2pm. :-)

By 3pm I was STARVING. I ate a green apple. That worked for about 3 minutes.

4:30pm I’m beyond starving. More green smoothie and some fruit and nuts.

I’m going to have to get used to not feeling full. I’ve realised I really like feeling full – good full – like after you had a big bowl of mashed potatoes.  I’m getting enough calories but I’m not getting the full tummy feeling because before I get there I get the mildly ill feeling from all the nuts and oils – but it is hard not to eat too much of this stuff when I’m feeling so hungry.

This afternoon I had blood tests done to measure my vitamin levels – I’ll post these as soon as I have the results and will do the same at the end of the 28 days.

Exercise today was a quick post-work gym sesh (25 mins cardio)

What Did You Eat?

— Cocoa and banana smoothie. It made me feel so good yesterday I had to do it again!
— Hot water with lemon

— Courgette Fettuccine (recipe below)

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— Asian salad (recipe below)

— Green smoothie (melon, green apples, spinach, ginger, fresh mint, water)
— Green apple
— Dried fruit and nuts – I had to move the bag away from my desk at one point today, that shit is just too good.
— Raw chocolate pudding
— Carrots (wish it was claret)

How Are You Feeling?

Amazing – super positive, happy, energised but also somehow tired at the same time. I’m scared I’m going to crash soon…

Recipes / Facts:

Fettuccine courgette
This is a variation of the The Raw Chef’s recipe
Courgettes, red pepper – cut using a vegetable peeler or julienne peeler
Sauce: 1/2 cup cashews (soak for at least 20 minutes), 1/4 cup water, 2 tbs olive oil, fresh basil, lemon juice and salt.
Blend and serve with the cut veg!

Asian salad
Cos lettuce, radishes, red pepper, carrot, mint, sprouted chickpeas, red cabbage, alfalfa, chia seeds, sesame seeds
Mushrooms marinated in tamari, olive oil and sesame oil
Dressing: miso paste, fresh orange juice, crushed garlic and ginger, tamari and lemon juice.

Green smoothies
If you haven’t already jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon I can honestly recommend them. They are a clever, cheeky way to get your greens. If you follow the 60/40 rule – 60% fruit and 40% leafy greens you ‘should’ end up with a pretty tasty healthy drink. I have made some shockers so it is probably best to follow a recipe if you are new to green smoothies! You will need some sort of blender, and of course your ingredients but thats pretty much it.

These ladies look they know what they are doing
And I think this is a good site for green smoothie beginners

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