28 days of me

Day 8


Saturday, February 8th, 2014
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-.8 KG
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54.2 KG
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7 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

I spent quite a bit of money on raw supplies today. Raw food shopping started out fairly inexpensive for me – mostly fruit and veg and nuts, but then I got introduced to amazing treats like paleo wraps (dried flattened coconut that you can fill with yummy stuff) €10, raw Italian crackers (mostly made from seeds and ‘cooked’ in a dehydrator) €5, Coconut Mango Grawnola (I couldn’t not buy that after they called it grawnola…) €5, and pecan sesame cookies with lime €5. I can see how it would be very easy to spend a caj hundy on a few raw packaged food treats for the week.

28daysofme raw Day 8

I also bought ingredients to make onion bread and date and almond balls. I’m excited to try all these new packaged raw treats but its also important for me (and my wallet) that I learn how to make my own raw snacks. If I don’t stay raw after these 28 days I at least want to have learnt new cooking (preparing) techniques and new healthy recipes and alternatives.

Today I woke up both tired both and full of energy (again) – it’s such an odd feeling. However once I got up I was completely fine and was pretty much bouncing around all day. I met a friend for lunch at a new raw / vegan cafe called Wanaka. The place is cosy, there wasn’t a big range of food but the salad I had was great. I’m really surprised (and pleased) Amsterdam has more than one raw cafe – the food at both The Alchemist Garden (where I went for dinner last night) and Wanaka was of a high standard. I will also make sure I go out to a non raw restaurant sometime in the next few weeks to see what my options are there.

In the afternoon I did a hot yoga class. The room was far too hot so it was a fairly uncomfortable 90 minutes, but other than the extreme heat, my body felt pretty good.

What Did You Eat?

— Green smoothie: mango, fresh orange juice, spinach, coconut and mint (SO yum – I will be adding more fresh coconut to my green smoothies!)

— Salad from Wanaka:  Living sprouts, caramalized seeds with mango, chili and cacao. Roasted sesame and ginger dressing (dressing was delish)

— Thai coconut curry – really great, one of my favourite recipes so far
— Quick banana cacao ice cream

28daysofme raw Day 8

— Green apple and raw cashews
— Post yoga smoothie (I call this one the Poga. Sorry, had to be done) Banana, orange, cucumber, mint.

How Are You Feeling?

Great :-)

Recipes And Facts

Coconuts – can we just talk about how awesome coconuts are for a minute. They taste amazing and are so good for you. My body instantly feels healthier when I drink coconut water. If you haven’t got into coconuts (or even if you have) take a look here  for the health benefits. And although I’m not drinking coffee on 28 Days of Raw I’m really interested to try coconut oil coffee in coffee (aka Bulletproof Coffee) after my 28 days as I’ve read some pretty awesome stuff about it. These guys spell out the pros and cons for anyone who is thinking about giving it a go.

Thai coconut curry  (second recipe in the little booklet)

Quick banana cacao ice cream involved blending 1 frozen banana with cacao, 2 mejool dates and some coconut oil. Yeah boy.

Wanaka - raw food cafe Amsterdam. Pic below is their lunch salad.

28daysofme raw Day 8