28 days of me

Day 9

Feeling Rawsome

Sunday, February 9th, 2014
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-1.2 KG
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53.8 KG
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8.5 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

I have been raw for over a week now and I must say it is already starting to feel pretty normal. One thing that’s surprised me is how great my energy levels are all throughout the day. Because I’m eating a lot of high GI food (dried fruit and fruit) as my main energy source I thought my energy would fluctuate throughout the day but I’m feeling good (good meaning – good energy, not tired, positive, happy) all day long. I also feel like my concentration has been better than usual. My nausea has settled down and I’m not craving anything specific (although my flatmate’s take away curry did smell insanely good tonight!).

This morning I got the chance to try some raw ‘baking’ for the first time. I don’t have a dehydrator but I’ve recently learnt that you can achieve the same effect by using the oven on the lowest setting (keep the door ajar if the lowest setting is higher then 40 degrees. Yes, not entirely energy efficient) I baked Onion bread (recipe below). It needs another few hours so I’ll let you know how it tastes tomorrow.

As often as possible, on a Sunday afternoon, my friends and I get together for Crafternoon – you drink tea, eat nice things and do craft. Today we went next level and had…Rafternoon – yep you guessed it – craft + mates + raw food :-) We had blueberries, almonds, guacamole with carrot sticks, nammi nammi and caramel slice. I can honestly say I didn’t miss the cooked food one little bit.

28daysofme raw Day 9

What Did You Eat?

— Green smoothie: mango, pawpaw, apple, kale, cucumber, mint, coconut
— hot water with lemon

— Jazzed up left over salad from yesterday

— More leftovers – Thai coconut curry. I added some pawpaw this time and can recommend adding it – gave it a nice sweetness.

— Nammi nammi balls (recipe below)
— Caramel slice (recipe below)
— Handful of dried fruit and buts
— blueberries

28daysofme raw Day 9

How Are You Feeling?

Really great, rawsome actually (sorry, really got to stop with the puns ;-)) Lots of energy, I’m sleeping well (I usually do so no change), and no migraines so far…

Recipes And Facts

Nammi Nammi (date, almond and coconut balls)

Chocolate cream caramel bars (‘baking’ credit to my mate Tyler)

Rawloulou’s Onion bread

Hemp seeds:

I recently bought hemp seeds, not really knowing much about them or what to do with them. They come whole or hulled. This page explains the difference. The ones I have are whole and are a bit odd to eat as they are quite hard. Apparently you can blend these up in a blender to make them easier to eat. The simplest way to eat them is in smoothies or on salads – I’ll make an effort to include some over the next few days.

More info about the benefits of hemp seeds here.

28daysofme raw Day 9