28 days of me

Day 4

What Goes Up...

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014
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+.1 KG
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55.1 KG
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7 hours

Anything Interesting Happen?

Today I’m tired.

By about 11am I’m a bit grumpy and by 4pm I’m proper irritable. I did yoga after work and the guy next to me was driving me crazy. It is worth noting that he was doing absolutely nothing wrong but the fact that he was standing just that little bit too close and dousing me in sweat each time he flicked his long locks in my direction was making me want to give him a quick cork in the thigh. I didn’t of course, and wouldn’t but it did make me realise how wound up I was.

I need more sleep. I think it mostly has to do with the fact I’m struggling to find enough hours in the day for work, food prep and blogging rather than being tired from the raw food, but we will see.

A few observations from four days raw:

— I haven’t had a migraine yet. Every work day for the past 6 weeks plus I have had a migraine – yep, thats a LOT. I’m definitely not saying raw has cured my migraines (because I’ve been plagued by them for over 30 years and tried everything including dietary changes so I’m a little sceptical) but it is just an interesting observation.
— I’ve also had a stress rash under both my eyes for about the same period and that looks to be going away – again just an interesting observation for now.
— I wasn’t nearly as exhausted in hot yoga as I usually am and didn’t sweat nearly as much
— I’m feeling a little bit ill after almost everything I eat with the exception of just fruit or a simple fruit smoothie
I have a few friends that are joining me for part of the 28 days – so amazing! My friend Nikki is raw at the moment and she is going to try and stay on the diet when she flies to New Zealand on Thursday by ordering vegan meals and eating the small amounts of this that she can and bringing her own food. I’m really interested to see how this goes. If anyone has done a raw long haul flight before I would be keen to hear about it!

What Did You Eat?


— Cucumber, pear, mint and ginger smoothie (was delish!)
— Hot water with lemon

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— Left over Courgette Fettuccine from yesterday, plus a green salad

— Italian salad (recipe below) It was nice to keep it quite simple tonight
— raw chocolate (yep – this exists!!)
— Pawpaw and grapes with lime


— dried fruit and nuts
— fresh orange juice
— almond milk, banana and raw cacao smoothie
— green grapes

How Are You Feeling?

Ok. I did feel better after yoga. It would be nice to get rid of the nausea but all things considered…I’m feeling ok :-)

Recipes And Facts

Italian salad:
— rocket, cherry tomatoes, avocado, red capsicum, olives, lemon juice, olive oil, walnuts, linseeds.


Miso paste is fermented soybean paste. It is the base to miso soup so for those who don’t normally cook with it this should help describe the taste. You can use it to add flavour to soups, sauces, salad dressing (see day 3 post), or pickling meats or vegetables. It’s high in protein and vitamin B.

Quick guide to miso paste
Comprehensive guide to miso paste